We produce, edit, adapt, and localize video and motion graphics for all kinds of channels and screens.

Animation & Motion graphics

A good motion designer can do much more than command a piece of software. He or she has a talent for graphic design as well as a solid understanding of animation principles.

To create credible and compelling animation, you need a sense of weight, timing, and flow. To create beautiful graphics and compositions, you need knowledge of layout, typography, illustration, and color. Understanding how to best use visuals in communication is also a must.

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Infomercials  & explainers

Explainers and infomercials are small animated films from 40 seconds up to a couple of minutes. A well-executed explainer video can make complex information easier to understand. The medium is well suited for depicting a deliberate process, explaining a complicated concept, or engaging people in a cause.

We produce explainers and infomercials for companies, NGOs, and public institutions. We keep the client closely involved at critical turns, especially during script-writing, selection of voice-talent, and storyboarding.

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Idents or logo animations

An ident is a logo-animation lasting a few seconds. They often serve as bumpers at the beginning or end of a video. At events with big screens, a looped ident animation can be a great way to extend the event identity or promote the event host.

Idents can be slick or quirky, seasonal or timeless. They can bring life to a visual identity and humanize a brand.

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ePOS and animated signage

EPOS is an acronym for Electronic Point Of Sale. The term refers to the screens we encounter in stores and restaurants, e.g., storefronts, animated menus, electronic info-screens, or price tags.

We make all sorts of animated signage – including electronic A-boards or large outdoor formats made from several screens.

We are happy to produce animated signage both as a one-off service or as a part of a larger campaign effort, including print materials or online banners. That way, we can re-use assets and ensure consistency across channels.

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Prerolls & Social Media

We produce videos of 6-15 seconds duration for your youtube prerolls, Facebook videos, or Instagram reels. We can adapt your existing video or create videos from print- or online assets.

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Video editing and localization

We can use your video assets to create ads for TV, cinema, or web use. We edit and add voice-over, music, foley, and motion graphics to create a professional end-product, exported to the specified standards and delivered directly to the broadcaster if you’d like.

We also have experience adapting international TV-spots for national markets by localizing speak and text-elements, like offers and prices.

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