PMP – Propellant Marketing Portal


In order to save time and money we built PMP – an online job-portal for graphic projects. PMP eliminates our need for a dedicated project manager – a cost reduction we pass on to our clients. Furthermore the built-in multi-layered approval procedures of the portal help ensure a consistent brand-identity for our clients.

Facilitates cooperation

Saves time
& resources

user structure

brand compliance

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A system with a personality!

PMP is not an automated ad-builder. Behind PMP are dedicated specialists, ready to take care of your individual needs. That means you are not limited by standard layouts – or your own ability to work within such constraints.

The specialist can consider preferences and make decisions.
The specialist can guide the client and make recommendations.
When necessary, the specialist can think out of the box.

About PMP:

  • Available 24/7 on all platforms – even smartphones & tablets
  • Separate job-history on each job ensures continuity and transparancy
  • Simple procedures for briefing, feedback and approval
  • Multi-level user structure ensures adherence to brand guidelines in larger organisations
  • Overview of existing and finished jobs
  • Easy overview of budget on every job – preventing unwelcome budget surprises

Dataintegration with client systems

Budget overview
& approval

Control of the workflow

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PMP Highlights

Propellant - PMP dashboard
Status overview of current projects
Recent activity on projects – chronologically ordered
Your personalised dashboard provides an easy overview of
on-going and finished projects
The project overview contains essential information such as client and supplier representative, brief and budget overview.
Propellant - PMP detaljer
Project overview showing all the information you need.
Project brief – submitted by client
Updated budget – no surprises
Propellant - PMP liste
Detailed, prioritized list of the projects within a certain organisation with budget, current status and other details.
Prioritized project lists are generated live for each user of the platform.
The project timeline that provides an easy overview of all interaction pertaining to the project – like draft submissions and approvals.
Propellant - strategi og taktik
Project timeline with all interaction including budget and draft approvals, messages and feedback