Copenhagen Skills

The mission of Copenhagen Skills is to ensure that all middle schoolers in the Greater Copenhagen area are acquainted with the vocational learning academies and the career paths that they offer.

The objective of this infomercial is to get the youths to contemplate their strengths and passions in the context of a future education choice.
Copenhagen Skills - Find dine skills


In previous projects for the same client we have worked with a flat vector look. For this film we wanted to try something new. We decided to use lighting, shadows, and simple 3d elements to create an illusion of depth.

Storyboard - Copenhagen Skills

Script & Storyboard

The client had already selected 6 ‘skills’ that they wanted to highlight in the movie and had written a rough script. After massaging the script a little we turned it into a storyboard – sketching the motifs and sequence of events.

Copenhagen Skills - Find dine skills


Graphics and animation was done in Adobe After Effects. We attempted to keep the style simple, while giving the characters life and personality.