Peerpilot is an online recruitment platform helping companies screen, develop and select talent through realistic simulations, that reveal how candidates actually perform on parameters such as drive and cooperation skills.

To introduce the platform to headhunters and talent, we created this 60 second infomercial.

Storyboard - Diagram from Peerpilot infomercial


Peerpilot supplied the script that we got to massage a little, when we worked it into a storyboard – sketching out the motifs and progression of the film.

Still - diagram fra Peerpilot infomercial


Peerpilot has a distinct and contemporary style expressed through the platform itself as well as their communication materials. The look of the film is based on this.

Animation - diamant turn


The animationen was made using Adobe After Effects. Pace and rhythm of the animation is provided by the timing of the narration.