Frontbyte is a Norwegian software development company working for big international clients. The company combines a Scandinavian based user experience and project management team with affiliate software development facilities in Vietnam and India.
Frontbyte hired us to produce an animated infomercial, that would explain the advantages of working with them in a humourous tone and easy-to-understand way.
Frontbyte storyboard

Script & Storyboard

We decided to strip the script of corporate buzzwords and developer-vernacular. Our mission was to explain how Frontbyte guide their clients safely through the software development process – a process that can be complicated, grueling and full of unwelcome surprises.

Frontbyte design


We decided to use the hexagon shape from the Frontbyte logo to illustrate building blocks and process. We also used the blue nuances from Frontbyte’s corporate identity paired with a kooky bubblegum palette to break the corporate look a bit.



The graphics were cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator and animated in Adobe After effects. The timing of the speak guides the animation. For the money explosion we have had to resort to a bit of scripting to avoid animating every single note individually.