EUD and EUX are publicly offered vocational training programs across fields like farming, food & nutrition, care & nurture, business & administration and technology, construction & transport.  
To promote information about EUD and EUX we produced 2 infomercials that focus respectively on the overall composition of the educational programs and the many career possibilities on offer. The films are used online and for educational events.
Client: Copenhagen Skills, SkillsDenmark and the Public Vocational Training Academies.

Film 2: Different Paths

The focus of this film is the many different opportunities offered by the Vocational Training Academies (EUD). From script to final render – Propellant undertook the entire production, while navigating and accomodating the valuable input from the different stakeholders.

Film 1: EUD – In short

In cooperation with recruitment specialists CompanYoung and representatives from the client we produced this infomercial. The film outlines the composition of the vocational training programs with the unique combination of theory and practice. Propellant did all storyboard, design and animation.

Storyboard - icon for caring


Based on the script, we sketched out the motifs and the progression of the animation. To illustrate the great variety of options offered by the vocational training programs we used dots as a recurrent visual in the film.

Styleframe design - icon for caring


At the heart of the vocational training programs you find craftsmanship. This inspired us to create a look that felt hand-made. Using rollers, acrylic paints and recycled cardboard we created a texture resembling serigraphic print.

Animation - walking and reading


Using Adobe Illustrator we cleaned up the elements we had sketched out in the storyboard. CompanYoung supplied a recording of the speak. The rhytm of the animation is driven by the pace of the narration.