Dansk Supermarked Group

Dansk Supermarked Group is the market leader in Danish retail. Comprising the supermarket chains Fotex, Bilka and Netto – the chain is renowned for the best vocational training in the business.

Propellant was hired to create this recruitment-film to attract fresh talent to DSG. 
Dansk Supermarked Group storyboard

Script & Storyboard

In cooperation with the client we destilled the most important messages for the movie. From that we created a simple narrative – providing an overview of the range of opportunities and possible advancements that DSG offer their trainees.

Dansk Supermarked Group film


To create coherence we used the palette from the client website. The characters were designed to be somewhat generic, but still humorous. A filter added extra movement to the calmer sequences and created a crayon-like look.

Dansk Supermarked Group animation


The sketches from the storyboard were cleaned up using Adobe Illustrator. Animation was made in Adobe After Effects. The rhythm of the speak provided a base for the timing of the animation.