CATSJ is a mobile app. With CATSJ, the user can earn money by being exposed to offers tailored to their preferences. The user can keep the proceeds or donate to their favorite charity.

When CATSJ was about to launch their app, they enlisted Propellant to develop an animated infomercial. The short film explains how the app works. Two versions of the film was made. One for the end-user and one for the advertiser.
Storyboard - man walking

Script & Storyboard

We wrote the script for the speak concurrently with developing the storyboard. This allowed us to consider visual flow in the process. The style of the script is simple and straightforward.

Catsj coat of arms in bright colours


Before commencing work on the film, we had already developed an icon-set for CATSJ. The icon-set in bold colors with fun and simple silhouettes was used as a reference when designing the film.

Animation - man walking


While the storyboard provides the roadmap, the recorded speak infers rhythm and pace to the animation. The animation was made using Adobe After Effects.