Through several years Propellant has cooperated closely with Burger King Denmark. Our assignments include adaption and versioning of all national campaigns. Propellant supplies translation services, layout and artwork, production and distribution of posters, banners, folders, pop-ups, menu boards, outdoor and online materials for all Danish Burger King franchises.

Propellant Marketing Portal Overview

To service all the marketing needs of their franchise holders – Burger King has chosen a customized Franchise Support version of the PMP Portal. In the portal every outlet can order localized materials, tailored to their individual needs and produced in compliance with Burger King standards and Brand Guidelines.

Burger King says:

We have chosen to work with Propellant and have a PMP Portal solution as the base of the cooperation. We use it in the day-to-day adaption and production of campaigns and as a support function to our franchise holders. Our global brand needs strong support for the franchise holders to execute correctly. With our ”Franchise Support Portal” every restaurant has direct access to all the specialist functions that characterize our Branding and Guidelines. 

We (BK HQ) can oversee, control and approve local marketing initiatives. We can keep track of costs and project progression and compile experience on ”best practices” across our organisation. That is the reason why I would like to recommend Propellant as a solid partner in the execution phase. 

Sofie Navardsen
Director of Operations, Burger King Denmark

Cinema - produced for Burger King Fields

Produced on a small budget, this cinema ad makes use of few, but efficient means:
Animation of product shots, sound fx and a pro speaker.

Assorted campaign posters

For national campaigns we are in charge of versioning the creatives for point of sale materials such as screens, menu boards, posters, banners and outdoor-materials like adshells and busstops. We also supply printing services and manage distribution to 30+ restaurants across Denmark.


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