The case includes localization of online banners and tv-ads for the Danish market. This includes editing, localized speak, graphics and text plus delivering the finished tv-ad to the relevant networks.


The Jury said :
“The case demonstrates how it is possible to penetrate a crowded and competitive market by using all facets of the marketing mix – including ‘below the line’. The campaign utilizes many elements and it is hard to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of each, but it is irrefutable that the campaign as a whole has been fruitful. The campaign has been successful in using a simple and well-executed media strategy coherent with the creative execution to ensure a common thread from the background analysis through to the strategy, the execution and the results. It is our assessment that Bayvantic has succeeded in enterering an inert and established market and secure a satisfactory return on the media investments on the campaign.”

Bayer – Animal Health Care campaing for Bayvantic increased the market share from 25% to 35% based on this campaign by Propellant, MediaCom and MediaCom Beyond Advertising.

TV ad