For a number of years Propellant has supplied Maersk with layout and graphic finish on a variety of brochures, calendars, business cards and merchandise such as cookie tins, t-shirts and tote bags.

With a PMP solution as the hub, the many departments worldwide have been able to order assorted marketing materials. Propellant has been instrumental in securing brand consistency across markets and compliance with organisation communication and identity guidelines.


“Through 4 years we have collaborated with Propellant and used the PMP platform (called Aros by us) with 300+ users across the globe. We are constantly increasing the use and familiarity with this tool within the organisation. 

The advantages of the system are clear. Great accessibility and flexibility for our global colleagues – plus the guarantee that all materials are created within the constraints of our visual brand identity. The assignments are solved with a great deal of creativity, a consistently high quality and short response times. 

AROS has been a natural next step in streamlining our global marketing initiatives. We save time, money and man-hours by using Propellant through the AROS platform instead of local agencies in all of the 125 countries where we are present.”

Martin Plambek
Head of Branding, Maersk Line

Digital and online

Email framework design for news, advisory, offers etc.

Email opsætning
Email opsætning

Assorted brochures and magazines

Triple-E and container history

Maersk Drilling assorted brochures