Propellant provides design and technical assistance to help companies adapt, versionize and implement their marketing campaigns

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Not enough time for strategic
and tactical issues?

Propellant frees up your resources by digitizing processes and taking on the more repetitive graphical tasks of rolling out your marketing initiatives.

As omnichannel marketing gets more and more complex and time-consuming, operational issues and project coordination are leaving marketing departments with too little time and money for strategic and tactical issues.

Spend your money wisely

Your lead agency excels at developing strategy, concept, and master assets but is too pricey for repetitive tasks such as adaption and versioning.

Propellant is a graphical implementation agency that focuses on adapting, localizing, and delivering final assets to production facilities or media channels. All is done at competitive prices while reducing complexity and time to market.

A dedicated team in a digital setup

All collaborations between advertising agencies, media houses, production facilities, and our team – including briefing, budgeting, draft submissions, feedback, approval, and delivery – are handled seamlessly in our cloud-based marketing platform – called PMP.

PMP eliminates the need for dedicated project managers and saves time and money – a cost reduction we pass on to our clients.

Let´s start saving you time and money:

Choose the services that fit you:

Whether you are in B2B or B2C, and no matter the size of your operation, you can cherry-pick within our range of services. Propellant takes on a large part of your everyday tasks within the adaption of marketing elements and implementation of your marketing initiatives.

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Tap into our pool of graphic designers
and digital specialists

If you are looking to outsource some of the repetitive marketing tasks or if you need graphical assistance once in a while, Propellant is ready to help you.

Our designers and digital specialists are experts at adapting, localizing, and ensuring brand consistency in your marketing initiatives across all media channels. We finalize single campaigns or complete national and international media plans based on master creatives and design manuals.

Liftoff in just 30 minutes

Our solution is made by marketeers for marketeers, and you can be up and running in just 30 minutes.

With more than 30 years of experience in the business of marketing development and campaign implementation, we understand the importance of time to market

Let´s solve your first task now

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Essilor logo

The cooperation with Propellant and PMP has been a game changer in the way Essilor implements its international marketing campaigns and supports our subsidiaries and local opticians”

Henrik K. von Lowzow

Marketing Director – Essilor Nordic & Baltics

Mærsk Line Logo

”PMP has been a natural step in the streamlining of our global marketing activities, where we now save time, money and resources by using Propellant rather than going to the local agencies in each of the 125 countries where we are represented. ”

Martin Plambek

Head of Branding, Maersk Line

Burger King logo

”Vi (BK HQ) kan følge med, styre og godkende lokale initiativer. Vi kan løbende se omkostninger, status og få glæde af ”best practice” på tværs af organisationen. Jeg vil derfor gerne anbefalede Propellant som en solid partner i eksekveringsfasen.”

Sofie Navardsen

Director of Operations, Burger King Denmark