Propellant is a graphic implementation agency that adapts master marketing elements and delivers final assets for production and media across all channels.

Propellant help companies increase the quality and efficiency of their communication and marketing while reducing costs and increasing return on marketing spend. Propellant serves all types and sizes of B2B and B2C marketing departments.

Every year since we founded Propellant in 2006, we improved our bottom line and helped an increasing number of clients improve theirs. Our experience in marketing execution and adaptation across channels is extensive, and there is virtually no marketing discipline we have not worked within.

Our position as a focused graphics implementation agency has been a conscious choice, and we make a virtue of not being a Lead Agency. We do not want to redefine your position, your brand, or your communication. Those tasks we leave to other specialists.

We focus on adapting, customizing, and executing marketing campaigns in both digital and analog channels in close collaboration with central or local marketing departments and your lead agency.

Continuously improving efficiency through a structured approach is at the heart of our business. All tasks are managed in our unique online marketing platform – Propellant Marketing Platform or PMP. The platform guides our clients through a set of logical steps, from briefing to budgeting, production, and delivery. PMP reduces the time spent on project coordination and provides a constant overview of status and costs on individual tasks as well as complete campaigns.


  • Graphic tasks for customers with up to 30+ different local markets
  • Largest client has more than 1,000 users from 5 different countries on PMP
  • 2,300 individual marketing initiatives completed in 2018

Propellant is owned and managed by:

Our Executive Advisory Board

The core of Propellant is the ability to remain relevant as a supplier and to always be at the forefront of developments within our industry. To help us with this, we are proud to have an Advisory Board – whose overall experience and knowledge extend well into the future.

Otto Andersen

Otto Andersen

Managing Director, KRAFTVAERK
Previously: Creuna Danmark A/S, Icon Medialab, IBM
Martin Kremmer

Martin Kremmer

Business Change Management Lead, Associate Director, EY Global Markets